AC (Air Conditioner) Service and Repair for Homes

Most of the homes are going in with the installation of air conditioners due to the popping up of temperature. The process does not end only by the installation of the AC. Proper service or repair or maintenance should be done in order for the a/c to function properly.

There are several factors to be considered while service:

  • Make sure the unit is turned off either at the on/off switch and unplugging it or by shutting off the circuit breaker.Servicing the a/c while it’s connected to power may result in electrocution.
  • Check the small copper pipe connecting the unit to the house.If it feels hot, the unit’s coils are most likely dirty and need to be washed.
  • Rake any leaves and debris away from the unit before you start to service an air conditioner.
  • Take the cover off the unit, and locate the air conditioner coils (they look like a car radiator)
  • Use a soft brush to brush any dirt and debris off the outside cover.
  • Cover the motor and wiring with a proper clothe.
  • Check your owner’s manual.Some air conditioner units require the motor be lubricated. Do this now while your unit is open.
  • Replace the units if necessary.
  • Check the functions of the a/c.
  • Check whether there are any sort of sound or noises that is coming out from the a/c.
  • Check the cooling of the a/c with that of the temperature.
  • Look for water dripping or pooling anywhere by the air return or unit outside.
  • Check for any leakages from the tubes or any pooling issues.
  • Find the drain where the water condensation should be draining. There should be a floor drain near the condensation pipe located by the furnace/air conditioner central unit.
  • Clean the drain of any debris if the water seems to be pooling on top of it.
  • Pour water into the condensation drain pan and watch for the condensation pump to start working.The pump should activate and pump the water out and to the drain.

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